Bibliography "Microbiota"

This bibliography is taken from the booklet "The relevance of intestinal microbiota for prevention and therapy". It is provided by nutrimmun with friendly support.

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Today there are several databases and collecting-data-projects in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Unfortunately these databases include mostly those CAM-therapies, which have a strong stakeholder, a manufactor or an interestgroup behind, who could give support of finances and organisation. For presenting CAM as a whole, with relevant datas of all therapies and diagnosis it is crucial to iniciate more efforts by the public health policy!

The results of the FP7-EU-researchproject CAMBRELLA you will find under:

The Karl und Veronica Carstens-Stiftung has created five databases including 23.900 studies (7/2013), which are devided into:

CAM-Quest fast search - multilingual
Here you will find infomation about 9 complementary therapies in connection to 16 special diseases.
The results are limited to this fact

CAM-Quest investigation for experts – german+english
More special information about unusual therapies or diseases

VetCR (Veterinary Clinical Research) - english
Clinical studies about veterinary homeopathy

HomBRex (Homeopathy Basic Research experiments) - english
About experimental basic research in homeopathy

CORE-Hom (Human medicinal research) - english
Studies about clinical research in homeopathy in the field of human medicine and detailed infomation about illness,
medicinals, design and analysis of studying