ANME is greeting its members from Latvia

Igors Kudrjavcevs, Doctor and Qigong-teacher with his disciples at Jurmala's beach.

Qigong in Lettland mit Igors Kudrjavcevs

The future of prevention

Looking back on - 25 years of § 20 Sozialgesetzbuch V

(Social security code No. V, Germany) and looking ahead

Report of Nora Laubstein, ANME e.V.

The German Kneipp - federation, the head organization for anthroposophic medicine in Germany (DAMID) and the legal health insurance company BARMER had invited to the well frequented event on November 13th, 2013, in Berlin.
The day was divided up into three conceptional parts „Where do we stand?“Parallel forum A +B, and „What do we expect?“-, these dealt with the situation of primary prevention (Primary Care) in the Public Health area in Germany.