EU Far Behind India and China in CAM Research Activities!

ANME e.V.(Association for Natural Medicine in Europe) is calling for the active encouragement of CAM research.

The results of the EU-funded CAMbrella project1 at the End of 2012 show that CAM in Europe is still a quite neglected area of research. India, China and the USA, for example, have for years clearly organized, controlled, regulated, and made available their CAM healthcare systems. The EU, on the other hand, is merely marking time, there is no common approach to the regulation of CAM practices.

CAM (complimentary and alternativ medicine) is the generic term for a variety of different natural medicine healthcare systems used in the EU by more than 100 Million people and provided by 328,000 registered CAM practitioners, figures established by the CAMbrella project. To be specially mentioned are homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic.

To be able to handle the calling for quality and consumer safty, the EU has to improve its research activities to be able to assume a clear position.The differences between the EU states are extreme. For example on one side england with a very advanced regulation, followed by germany, the scandinavian countries, swisserland and on the other side the eastern countries with total absence of any regulation or rigour laws against CAM therapies. This hampers the situation.

The CAMbrella projekt suggests establishing an EU research office in order to implement this healthcare sector.

ANME is clearly protecting this suggestion in order to reduce this gap of research: in the interest of the Europeans a harmonized regulation would be helpful. We hope that the EU will no longer lag behind India and China in CAM research activities. Especially in these countries, we can find a large number of hospitals employing CAM methods, for example. For people there, the healthcare system is clearly oriented towards affordable, natural medicine offers.

Further ANME is calling for develope a CAM specific research.

CAM therapies and CAM medicin are used to be and still are only proofed for their effectiveness by evidenced based methodes. This directly leads to a loss of tradional prooved CAM medicin and will restrict and crimelice particular CAM methodes. CAM is a complex healthcare system and this has to be taking account, as it is clear showen in the results of the CAMBRELLA-Roadmap2 too.

For the EU, it would be a good process to recognize the status of CAM as an independent system and invest in effective research aimed at quality assurance in CAM therapies.


2CAMbrella Roadmap: