On the occasion of its Annual Assembly in Frankfurt on 9 March 2016, the Membership of ANME e.V. adopted a political definition of CAM. This Definition was amended by the Association for Natural Medicine in Europe as follows:

“Complementary Methods and Alternative Medicine - CAM, as utilized worldwide, represent a variety of different natural methods and traditional medical systems based on knowledge, skills and practices derived from different theories, philosophies and experiences. They are equivalent working on equal fundament with different approaches. Complementary Methods maintain and improve self regulation and promote health in conjunction with medicine. Alternative medicine may as well diagnose and treat physical and mental illness.”

For your attention:

Natural healing, Natural Medicine, Biological Medicine or Traditional Medicine – give a clear explanation and everyone understands what this is…but it looks as if political reality does not like the easy way!Therefore the European Commission has created “CAM”:

  • C for Complementary,
  • A for Alternative and
  • M for Medicine

A fusion of two models in the field of natural health. A political creation of the European Commission formally known as “Non-conventional medicine”. In the last years the term “Alternative Medicine” has been ignored more and more. The term “Complementary Medicine” changes into “Integrated Medicine” step by step.

Therefore some health professionals became active and changed their form of therapy-discipline into a “Method” and use it in a complementary way.

“Complementary Methods“

As an example the following fourteen methods are listed in the swiss OdA-KT-system:

Acupressure Technique, Acupuncturemassage-Therapy, Alexander Technique, Breathing Therapy, Ayurveda Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Eutonie, Heileurythmie, Kinesiology, Polarity, Rebalancing, Shiatsu, Structural Integration und Rolfing, Yoga Therapy, and more…

So it seems as if the term “Alternative” should disappear. In their daily practice less health professionals have the impression to work on a real alternative for their patients. When you have a clear view of “Alternative Medicine” you will see a vivid intangible cultural heritage of a specific globally health system.

“Alternative Medicine”

Currently these therapy-systems are used by legal working health-professionals in Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and other European states according their individual national legislation:

Anthroposophic Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional European Medicine Naturopathy, Traditional Tibetian Medicine, Shamanism and more…

Of course this little article does not show the whole of definition, but we hope you are aware now a little bit more what`s about these three characters so called C A M.

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Variety of Treatments

Today there are over eighty different complementary methods and alternative treatments. This also includes independent healing systems from different cultures and traditions. A common basis and unifying link throughout is holistic thinking.


For a Free and Healthy Europe

While the foundation for European legislation is under the control of the national states, together our states work to promote the free choice of therapy, choice of practitioner, and the option for self-care and self-help/improvement in both the public and private market.


Who We Are and What We Do

As a European umbrella organization, ANME works on behalf of the common interests of citizens, patients, therapists, and manufacturers in the field of remedies and natural healing methods. We build capacity and raise awareness about the scope and versatility of and for natural medicine.

Pharmaceutical strategy for Europe

As a first step towards the adoption of a Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe the Commission published on 2nd of July a roadmap, inviting interested citizens and stakeholders to share their views on the Strategy. Scheduled to be adopted before the end of the year, the overall objective of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe is to help ensure Europe's supply of safe and affordable medicines and support the European pharmaceutical industry to remain an innovator and world leader.

Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner in charge of Health & Food Safety, said:

“By the end of the year, I will present an ambitious Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe to ensure affordability, sustainability and security of supply. The coronavirus pandemic has showed us more than ever that we need to have a crisis-resistant system and the means to produce medicine within the EU to ensure timely access to essential medicines for our citizens and hospitals in all circumstances.”

Citizens, experts and stakeholders are invited to give, until 7 July 2020, their feedback to the roadmap through the Better Regulation Portal and consult the dedicated website for additional information and to follow updates. This roadmap will be followed by a public consultation.

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