The Symposiums

In 2004, ANME e.V. started to organize international European symposiums every 2 or 3 years to discuss the current situation of complimentary and alternative medicine/ CAM in Europe.

“CAM  in Europe- quo vadis” was the title of the first four symposiums dedicated to working out how CAM development in Europe can be defined.  Now in 2013 “CAM in Europe - wellCAM!” has been chosen as the new title, because it is obvious that CAM touches the Europeans and it is on everyone’s lips…

Therefore, renowned representatives of CAM therapies and CAM remedies (doctors, pharmacists and therapists, all specialists in complimentary and alternative medicine) have been invited  as high-level speakers and attendees. In 2010 in Vienna, there were about 80 participants from 14 different countries.

Since 2010, ANME e.V. has expanded the concept of the symposiums and now offers workshops for the participants to actively take part in the discussions. The focus is on finding a political position which ANME e.V. can represent in negotiations with political authorities in the future. With these symposiums, ANME e.V. additionally supports an objective dialogue and the definition of a common concept between the CAM communities.

The following pages provide an overview of the symposiums until now, structured according to themes, speakers, results, controversial fields/ tasks.