Vision, Mission and Principles

We are committed to the research, development, protection, and maintenance of medicines and CAM methods that are both health forward and environmentally friendly. Our focus is on people, animals and plants.


Members and Partner

Finding a common denominator is becoming increasingly difficult. It is all the more important to have a dialogue and a European association for all those involved. We recognize a political connection to the interests of our members at an early stage and pass this information on immediately.


About us

Since 2001 we are active in raising consciousness and promoting education and health-literacy. The membership assembly is our most important body. We work on a honorable basis. In addition to social media, our website and the quarterly members’ letter are our main information tool.


Symposia and Advancement-Award

We organize national and European events on current topics and also participate in parliamentary initiatives, petitions, and actions. Our Advancement-award honors commendable CAM-projects and/or individuals working on behalf of and for CAM.