The ANME Advancement Award honors health policy activities, scientific or literary works, as well as practice-oriented projects and personalities within the European area, which correspond to the guiding idea of a TM/CAM culture in the sense of an intangible cultural heritage and give impulses for user and consumer education. This guiding idea of culture and TM/CAM sees both as a unity and wants to contribute to a careful use of natural resources (soil, air, water, plants, animals, humans) in the use and development of traditional healing methods, the promotion of health and cultural heritage.
The ANME award is endowed with 1000, - EURO and is awarded every 3 years, if possible.

Ton Nicolai ANME Award 2021

Laudation by Nora Laubstein, ANME-President

Dr. Anton "Ton" Nicolai, born in Amsterdam in 1942, began his medical practice as a family doctor in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. There he worked extensively with various complementary and alternative medical procedures, such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, manual therapy and classical Naturopathy.

In 1983 he founded a Homeopathic practice in Rotterdam, in 1990 he took over the position of managing director at the Dutch Homeopathic Medical Association (VHAN), and a few months later he also took a position at the International Homeopathic Medical League (LMHI).

ANME Advancement Award (AAA) 2014 — Press release

Anme Förderpreisträger 2014The Association for Natural Medicine in Europe has chosen this largly agriculturally oriented congress "Wir haben es satt" in Berlin for the awards ceremony to point to the healing aspects of bee products: Apitherapy is traditionally used in many European states and is experiencing a scientific upturn.

At the same time, there is more and more news about the dramatic situation of bee colonies. The ANME Board unanimously chose two award-winners out of all suggestions, who are committed to the survival of bee colonies that are threatened worldwide by extinction:

The award winners

The author Prof. Dr. Friedrich Hainbuch receives the first half of the AAA for his scientific work "Das lautlose Sterben der Bienen" published in 2014 by Verlag Wolf KG, Germany. In his scientifically well-founded book, Prof. F. Hainbuch shows the reasons for bee mortality. He describes the historical aspects and the self-inflicted ecological causes and damages arising from lack of care, as well as eco-political interests. The last chapter is dedicated to the possibilities and measures that have to be taken to stop bee mortality. Prof. Dr. Hainbuch is a hobby beekeeper and has been concerned for years with the medical use of bee products. He published a book on this subject several years ago.

The second half of the AAA goes to the Verein Mellifera e.V.! The association was founded to advocate species-appropriate beekeeping. Mellifera e.V. has been engaged for three decades with beekeeping, especially in the organisation of training and the preservation of beekeeping. In 2013 they organised in an exemplary manner a petition on the EU level to rescue the bees!

Here you can find the link to the petition of on stopping bee mortality through the ban on pesticides:
Mellifera e.V. is represented all over Germany and actively turns to the German federal government and the EU Parliament to stop bee mortality.

The congress acts as a counterbalance to the official "Grüne Woche" ("Green Week") and discusses themes related to agriculture, health and our food in the future. Prof. Dr. F. Hainbuch and Mr. Thomas Radeztki, business manager of Mellifera e.V. will be present. Signing session with Prof. Dr. F. Hainbuch in the church foyer.

ITogether with all cooperation associations, the film "More than Honey" (2012) by the Swiss director Markus Imhof will be screened directly after the awards ceremony.

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