Our organization acts on a honorable basis to preserve and to develop naturopathy, natural medicine and pedagogical health promotion operating throughout Europe. In Europe these areas are summarized under the term “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” replacing the former term “Non-Conventional Medicine”. Worldwide the WHO defined the name “natural medicine” as “Traditional Medicine/Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TM/CAM).

Since 2001 we are active as a non-governmental and non-profit organization. We have constructed an European network with the highest number of members, supporting special institutions for therapy and their medical sundries. This success encourages and confirms our efforts.

In the following years we want to argue for naturopathy and health promotion with your assistance, seeking the direct dialogue with national and European institutions. In the first place we are concentrating on a legal practice of CAM, access to CAM for every patient and revision of the guideline for regulation of phytotherapy.

We will be supported by committed individuals of naturopathy orientated organizations, biological pharmaceutical manufacturers , independent professional institutions and therapists all over Europe; together we will form the future of health science and natural medical science in Europe.

Since 2003 ANME is a member of “European Public Health Alliance”(EPHA) in Brussels.