The anme-INFO

ANME e.V. informs its members and supporters about current topics and European health policy trends every three months with the member letter. A hot topic is sent by mail in the format "anme-INFO" and can be forwarded to non-members.

National and European symposia

Since 2004, ANME has organized national and European symposia on current topics in Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine T&CM in Europe. Our first four European symposia had an overall title: "Natural Medicine in Europe - quo vadis?". The aim was to define questions about where T&CM was heading.

Since 2010, the concept of these symposia has been expanded: workshops are held on key topics in which participants can actively participate. The goal of these workshops is to draft a political position that can subsequently be negotiated by ANME e.V. with political authorities. In 2010 in Vienna there were about 80 participants from 14 different countries.

2013 „CAM in Europe-wellCAM !“

This changed from 2013! From now on it was "CAM in Europe-wellCAM !", because without a doubt CAM had arrived Europe-wide and was on everyone's lips. Our participation in the advisory board of the EU scientific CAMBRELLA project served as a clear encouragement. Renowned, interdisciplinary representatives of all T&CM healing systems and methods, as well as medicines and remedies, are represented at our events.

Intangible Cultural Heritage

In 2008, we officially called for the recognition of T&CM as Intangible Cultural Heritage, and in 2010 we initiated a joint application by professional associations in Germany.

In contact with WHO and UNESCO

In direct contact with the governmental bodies of the EU, WHO, UNESCO and national ministries of health, we take advantage of opportunities for comment and direct contact.

General Association Work

Furthermore, annual general meetings, informal and strategy meetings are held. ANME also supports professional and methodological associations in their activities and promotes health policy education for EU citizens.

The ANME Advancement Award

We use the Advancement Award to honor and promote T&CM projects and personalities.