The ANME-Advancement-Award (AAA) for merits in complementary and alternative medicine (TM/CAM) in Europe

We will award: a science project or a single person,

who engages strongly in the issue of Traditional Medicine/Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TM/CAM) related to health-support, to culture or politics and who gives impulses for the implementation of these insights in Europe at once.

It can be awarded specially achievements

  • in training, advanced training or further training (meant: the development of excellent educational concepts)
  • in the support, recognition and dissemination of TM/CAM (this can be therapeutic or journalistic achievements, but also achievements in collaboration which institutionally support the TM/CAM, e.g. cooperation, networking, project work, the initiation of international collaboration) of journalism and dissemination of knowledge and information about CAM in the preservation and protection of the availability of remedies and therapeutic methods.

The awarded achievement shall have a special visibility. The awarder shall cooperate with institutions and persons which support the TM/CAM and transcend single personal interests.


The award honors scientific or literary work and practically orientated projects in the European area who match to the central ideas of TM/CAM and who initiate user and consumer formations. The main idea of culture and TM/CAM understands both as a unity and seeks for a careful treatment of natural resources (ground, air, water, plants, animals, humans) when practicing traditional healing therapies, health promotion and cultural legacy.

The Advancement Award is endowed with 500 Euro to support new projects or scientists as well as young or merited sponsors. It will be awarded every two years.

Application procedure

Interested persons are asked to name candidates to the office until first of October. Therefore it is necessary to collect information and more detailed data from the candidates ( CV and specific work) about the achievements to be honored and to add them the application responding the proposal. The scientific advisory board can’t consider the application without these documents.

The application can proceed directly or as suggestion. Applications from every section of TM/CAM are welcomed. A membership is not required. Natural and legal persons can apply. The applications must be received at the office on time.

Award ceremony

The award will be conferred by the “Association of Natural Medicine in Europe e. V.“ in honor of excellent achievements in TM/CAM-research or politics. It will take place at a given occasion in the course of a calendar year. We are looking for a contextual fitting major event to increase the public effect.

Association for Natural Medicine | Waldstrasse 21 | D-61137 Schöneck