“Natural Medicine in the United Europe – quo vadis?”

1 Nov., 2008, Frankfurt am Main at “Hotel Monopol Frankfurt”
“Consumer protection at the cost of traditional treatment?”
Opening and moderation, Ms. Nora Laubstein, President, Association of Natural Medicine in Europe
Ms. Mag. Maria Walcher, UNESCO Commission, Austria: Does the culture heritage give the customers a chance to beware traditional CAM for the future?
Mr. Karl-Heinz Sekatsch Winkelmann, National Association for Patientenstellen: CAM Situation in Germany from the perspective of patients and customers
Mr.Frans Copers, European Shiatsu Federation (ESF): The Situation of CAM in the Netherlands and Belgium
Mr.Nand de Herdt, European Coalition on Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products (ECHAMP): The future of CAM medicaments
Ms. Colette Pradelle, Federation Europeenne des Associations de Patients pour la Medecine Anthroposophique (EFPAM): Patients responsables, usagers en gages -Le combat d`une association de patients en France
Mr. Igors Kudrjavcevs, Riga Stradinsh University (RSU): CAM in Eastern Europe: status praesens and roads to human hearts
Ms. Dr. Karin Gramminger, European Ayurveda Association (EuAA) Moderation: Round table discussion on the theme with the speakers
For years there has been a systematic strategy of suppression under the pretence of “consumer protection” against CAM employed by different fields of the healthcare industry. Once again, the ANME symposium stood as a forum for European natural medicine and showed the current position of CAM in the European and national crossfire of health policies and healthcare. 
Controversial fields/ tasks 
Natural medicine is a cultural heritage which is also useful to consumer protection!
“Consumer protection is essential, but the well-informed patient must continue to be free to independently choose the therapies and the drugs, or whether he wishes to benefit from a natural medical treatment. The European consumers and patients should therefore take more political influence to shape public healthcare management,” says Nora Laubstein, chairwoman and organizer of the 3rd European symposium of the Association of Natural Medicine in Europe (ANME e.V.)