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Microbiological Therapy and Phytotherapy
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Thematic focus Cultural heritage

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

ANME advocates for Complementary
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On 20th June 2020 at 15:00 CEST the World Health Congress 2020 Prague was opened online. It is a unique project held under the auspices of the Capital City of Prague. The partners of the Congress are ANME – Association for Natural Medicine in Europe, EUAA – European Ayurveda Association, SANATOR – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka. The Main Event of the Congress will take place in Prague on 11th - 13th June 2021 in the Great Hall of the Prague City Council, and its motto is: "Health knows no boundaries - Let's seek what unites us”.

The participants of the Videocongress were world-renowned personalities:

The videocongress was opened by Tomáš Pfeiffer – Czech Republic
philosopher, biotronicist, founder and director of the Institute for Non-Medical Therapies, main organizer of the Congress.

Then the members of the Congress presidium presented their speeches:

Prof. Dr. Madan Thangavelu – The United Kingdom; Genome Biologist at Cambridge University, General Secretary and Research Director of EUAA – European Ayurveda Association,

Nora Laubstein – Germany
President of ANME – Association for Natural Medicine in Europe, Naturopathy
Honored by the German "Foundation for Environment and Democracy, Bonn” as "ÖKOLOGIA-2020",

Carol Ann (McCracken) Hontz, B.S.,M.Ed. – USA
Author, Teacher and Public Speaker of Specialized Kinesiology,

Dr. Peter Kath – Germany
President of EUAA – European Ayurveda Association,

Amarjeet S Bhamra – the United Kingdom representing the British Ayurvedic Medical Council

Prof. RNDr. Anna Strunecká, DrSc. – Czech Republic
Educationalist, Researcher, Publicist and Author, long term professor at Charles University in Prague,

Mgr. Miloslava Rutová – Czech Republic
Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic, Member of the Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Social Policy Committee, Member of the Government Council for Seniors and Population Ageing at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Facilitator and Therapist in One Brain Kinesiology Method,

Maximillian Moser, Ph.D. – Austria
Associate Professor of Physiology at Medical University of Graz. He took part as Principal Investigator of the Austrian-Russian "Austro-Mir" spaceflight mission in several medical experiments, among them sleep and cardiovascular studies, coordinating a team of 20 co-workers and also cooperated with the Institute for Biomedical Problems in Moscow,

Bhaswati Bhattacharya, MPH, MD, PhD – USA, India
Clinical Assistant Professor at Cornell University, Fulbright Specialist in Global Public Health specializing in Integrative Medicine,

The following personalities contributed as Guests of the Congress:

Doc. PhDr. Eva Křížová, Ph.D. – Czech Republic
Sociologist, Associate Professor at Charles University, she specializes in modern medicine and healthcare. She published the book "Alternative Medicine in the Czech Republic", was the principal investigator in a research program on alternative medicine financed by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic,and cooperated with MUDr. Bendová, founder of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Czech Republic,

Dr. Natalia Sofia Aldana-Martinez, MD, MSc – Colombia
Editor-in-chief of the Virtual Health Library on Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine of the Americas, Physician practising Acupuncture and Homeopathy,

John Weeks – USA
Organizer in the field of Integrative Medicine.

There is a recording of the Videocongress at:

The aim of the Platform 2020 Prague is to provide complex space across all TCIM disciplines worldwide, to enable an unrestricted freedom of choice from these disciplines without censorship, to help to a better awareness of national governments as well as international organizations such as WHO, WHA, Council of Europe, European Commission, European Parliament and NATO in the field of Holistic healing. It is necessary to keep creating fair access and mutual respect between academic and TCIM spheres, to offer safe space for mutual communication. A part of the Platform 2020 Prague is the idea of prevention and sustainable development of healthcare by decreasing its costs, e.g. based on recommendations by WHO, WHA, Council of Europe, European Commission, European Parliament, NATO. Its part is also the support and involvement in the projects of WHO, WHA, Council of Europe, European Commission, European Parliament, national initiatives and others whose goal is the sustainable development of our planet.

You can get acquainted with the Platform 2020 Prague more closely at:

Closing remarks of the Video Congress were presented by Mr. Tomáš Pfeiffer, he expressed his thanks to everyone and his wish that hopefully a live meeting will be possible on the occasion of the Main Event of the Congress held on 11th - 13th June 2021 in the Great Hall of the Prague City Council

You can register for this Congress already now at:

Institute for Non-Medical Therapies
Tomáš Pfeiffer, Director
Soukenická 21, 110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 606 842 639