06 July 2020, submitted by Nora LAUBSTEIN

1. In the name of European patients and professional providers in the field of a sustainable, holistic, individual person-centered and forward-looking strategy for access to affordable medicines, we have identified the following key-demanding: In the last twenty-five years Natural Medicine/CAM has suffered the loss of thousands of traditional and medicinal products. We want them back! E.g. there is no longer a BSE-epidemic which cuts organic medicinal products.

2. The doses of a Natural Medicines/CAM medical product depend of the individual need of patients. We need a harmonisation of national and European regulation.

3. A new EU-pharmaceutical strategy should include a separate chapter for CAM and its medicinal and other products. It would be crucial to develop a design for research and studies for Natural Medicine/CAM`s own, respecting the specific circumstances and needs. On top the inclusion of additional effects by the composition of medicinal products.

4. We welcome the COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF THE EVALUATION of the Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods with regard to nutrient profiles and health claims made on plants and their preparations and of the general regulatory framework for their use in foods, hoping for support and a fruitful together with CAM-stakeholders.

With kind regards Nora Laubstein